Sex Doll Care and Maintenance

You have finally decided to enter the world of sex dolls – congratulations! Therefore, it is time to learn the care and maintenance of your dolls. Just like buying an expensive car, the more you worry about what you buy, the more you can use it. Remember the following basic knowledge to ensure the long-term protection of your purchase.

Remember that the longer you treat your doll like a doll, the longer it will last. Shaking and twisting the doll can tear the skin or misalign the joints.
Be careful when playing with the doll to keep the joints in line.
We recommend that you always use lubricant on the doll as rubbing can tear the doll’s skin. Always use a water-based lubricant when using dolls.

cleaning accessories

Please clean the doll after use. If not cleaned between uses, bacteria can build up, which not only causes stress but also destroys materials and poses a potential health risk. The good news is that you can only use mild liquid soap, rinse gently, and dry thoroughly with a color-resistant cotton towel. Do not use abrasive cleansers, scrubs or loofahs as they can damage the doll’s skin.
When cleaning the doll, be careful not to let water get into your neck and don’t lift your feet if you can stand it. The water will corrode the doll’s legs. An easy way to clean is a bathroom stool or plastic chair placed in the shower (or in the tub above the waterline).
Since cleaning is necessary to ensure the doll’s life, many people choose a removable sheath as it simplifies and speeds up the cleaning process. However, keep in mind that all openings (including the mouth and anus) must be clean.
You need to remove the wig before cleaning the doll to avoid damage or tangling.


The soft materials that animate the doll can be damaged if not stored properly. Curved joints can create wrinkles that break and tear the skin. To properly store the doll, make sure all joints are in the female position, the woman tilts her arms to the side – legs straight (standing options can keep her feet in one position, like a woman standing on the ground), and straighten your arms and straighten your fingers stretch the sides. Also, the head should be kept separate from the body. You can position the doll vertically by hanging the head and body on the special hooks. Alternatively, you can also place the doll horizontally in a foam pad cabinet. If you store it horizontally, place the doll on your back instead of on your stomach.


The big advantage of having a life size doll is that you can wear a variety of clothes on it. However, some clothes can cause the dyes to rub against the doll’s skin. Before putting clothes on your doll, always check the strength of the paint to minimize possible damage. One way is to place the garment close to the skin in a discreet place, like the top of the head, which is usually covered with a wig. Even if the clothes do not float on the doll’s skin, do not store the doll with the clothes to make sure it does not cause discoloration or creasing.

Continuous maintenance

Over time, some parts of the doll may require extra care. Over time, the lashes will gradually move away from the eyelids or the nails will be pulled away from the fingertips, which is very natural. If your nails come off your fingertips or if your eyelashes fall out, use the acrylic polish or eyelash glue according to the instructions on the package. Both types of stickers are available in the beauty section of drugstores or on