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Sex dolls are not just masturbators. Many people also buy sex dolls not to have a relationship with them but as a companion. They will bring sex dolls to participate in various activities, such as picnics, sunbathing, and taking pictures. They are keen to buy all kinds of beautiful clothes for their sex dolls to dress up their dolls. Maybe not understood, but they also enjoy it. Changing clothes as part of a custom sex doll, you have many options. It depends on whether you are actively paying attention to what the doll is wearing. For example, if you only want to wear a set of clothes for your 100cm sex doll but don’t have a real preference for clothes, you won’t spend a lot of time like an avid fashion lover who wants to make their dolls look better. Some people may like to try different styles for their dolls, so they will spend a lot of time choosing clothes and accessories. When your needs are determined, it’s time to start shopping! You can let your imagination go to dress up your sex doll.

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