I want a loved doll But do not know where to start Do you have any beginner tips?

In recent years, Aiwaha’s sales have increased significantly in the United States, and everyone seems to be following that trend. We are all kinds of people who are interested in teasing love dolls among adventurous couples, single dads who want to spend time focusing on their children instead of solving dating problems. A hectic career, their current life is finding someone who is faithful to their wives when military members flee their homes. Some collectors buy multiple dolls to expand their collections. One of the lessons learned from this company is that demographics have never bought Aibo, for the first time we welcome all buyers who buy Aibo.

You will be very worried when you are considering buying a doll or sex toy for the first time. If you are new to sex toys and love dolls, you should start with the size of the doll or toy. If you want something or a small pillow size, then go over to Torso and Men’s Master Beta sections for a look. Are you looking for something bigger and more realistic? Then go to the Sex Dolls section to see dolls in different sizes, shapes and styles. You can then limit the range by size, price, manufacturer, etc. to find the perfect doll.

Why do I have to see similar posts on so many different websites?

vsexdoll.com is the love doll market – we work directly with leading love doll manufacturers to deliver the highest quality products directly. We are completely transparent – I think it is important to know who created your doll and where it came from. This is your money! Some websites show the same doll and claim that they are homebrew, which is not correct. This type of scam is very common and fraud can harm customers at Annie’s dollhouse. We want you to know what you get and where your products come from.

Why are sex dolls So Expensive?

The material used to make the dolls is expensive and the doll manufacturing process is time consuming and labor intensive. Each full-size love doll has a metal skeleton that allows you to act like a human and move. The skeleton is made of doll material (TPE or silicon, depending on the doll you choose). The dolls are made fresh every time and we deliver the highest quality to our customers.

You may have seen pictures of our dolls elsewhere on the Internet at great discounts. As the saying goes “Buyers should be careful” and “You pay for what you get”. Unfortunately, there are many scam websites that display pictures of life-size dolls at affordable prices. But the problem of getting to the door is completely different. After being robbed by these scam sites, we have accepted many customers. After spending hundreds of dollars, they got inflatable plastic dolls made of low-quality toxic materials or a cheap fake love doll. These customers will not receive a refund, and unfortunately the fraudulent online site will not receive valid rewards and will continue to work with inferior materials to produce affordable dolls. You can make money by withdrawing money from your winnings. Watch out for such traps!

That’s why Annie Doll House was founded, a safe and reliable American company that offers genuine quality dolls at more affordable prices.

Do you want to keep them bloated?

Inflatable items can be folded and stored more easily. But it does not deliver the satisfaction and realism that customers expect. We want our clients to have the simplest and most realistic sexual experience. I want you to feel right

How durable is the product?

As with luxury cars, the longer the care and storage of the beloved dolls takes longer. Materials that make Love Doll feel real are more fragile than hard wood or plastic. Treat your doll like a woman, she has been with you for several years. More information about doll care and maintenance can be found in the Doll Care section.

Is the product safe?

We work with manufacturers who use materials of the highest quality. (Mostly advanced silicon and TPE) to provide custom dolls according to your specifications. We can assure you that we do not use harmful ingredients or chemicals that may be harmful. Both TPE and silicon are durable, soft and safe so that they do not damage the skin or small body parts. It is important to clean the product after the treatment. Use each time For more information on product care and maintenance, see the Care and Maintenance section.

What type of lubricant should I use for my products?

Only water-based lubricants can be used for toys and dolls. Other lubricants can damage the product’s material and shorten its life. For the best experience and care of dolls and toys, we do not recommend using non-lubricated products.

Is customer information confidential?

Absolutely! We understand that you are full of trust and confidence in us and we remain committed to that

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